Histology Course S X 10 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histology Course

S X 10 parathyroid adenoma  HE  
  ICD-10: C75.0; ICD-O: 8140/0

38-year-old female. During hospitalisation for ovarial cyst, routine laboratory investigations revealed hypercalcaemia of 3.03 mmol/l (total calcium; N:2.13-2.63) and hypophosphataemia of 0.75 mmol/l (N:0.81-1.45). The level of ionised serum calcium was also elevated: 1.34 mmol/l (N:1.1.7-1.29)

The CT revealed an enlarged left parathyroid gland with questionable enlargement of other glands.
An intraoperative histological examination was performed to determine whether the parathyroid gland was within the removed tissue and if an adenoma or hyperplasia could be seen.
Macroscopically: parathyroid gland (top left) with capsule, soft, diameter approx 12 mm, weight 2.3g, cut surface :brown

- Compact parenchyma without adipocytes, arranged in broad plates
- Capillaries
- Monomorphous structure of main cells
- No mitoses
- Nn some specimen a small cap of normal parenchyma can be seen (with adipocytes)