Histology Course S VII 7 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich histologycourse

S VII 7 Frische hypertonische Massenblutung, Stammganglien HE  
  fresh hypertonic massive bleeding, basal ganglia ICD-10: I61.9

56-year-old male with chronic arterial hypertension. Sudden loss of consciousness and hemiplegia. Death within 6 hours due to massive cerebral bleeding in basal ganglia with involvement of ventricular system.

- Odematous changes of neighbouring brain tissue bordering the area of the recent bleeding
- There are no signs of resorption (macrophages, glial reaction), corresponding to Stage I.
- Changes in the intracerebral arteries and arterioles normally associated with arterial hypertension (as a consequence of chronic arterial hypertension) are not evident on the given specimen.