Histology Course S VII 4 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich histologycourse

S VII 4 Anoxische Enzephalopathie Luxol-HE  
  anoxic encephalopathy ICD-10: G93.1  

35-year-old female. Cardiac arrest (8 mins) with successful reanimation during general anaesthesia. Subsequent 2-week loss of consciousness. Death after lung embolus.

Areas of pseudolaminar necrosis extend across wide sections of cortex and are accentuated in parietal areas, resulting in apallic syndrome (permanent coma). 
– Pseudolaminar necrosis in cortex: cystic necrosis in middle layers of cortex with vessel proliferation
- The molecular layer is intact but astrocytes shows severe reactive swelling. The white matter is unremarkable.