Histology Course S VII 17 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich histologycourse

S VII 17 Neurogene Muskelatrophie Werdnig-Hoffmann HE  
  neurogenic muscular atrophy, Werdnig-Hoffmann ICD-10: G12.0

"Floppy Infant".  Decreased fetal movement in late pregnancy. Now distinct delayed motor development. Muscle biopsy of the vastus lateralis.

- Severe lipomatosis of the skeletal muscle. The overview shows a distinct variation  in calibre  of the muscle fascicles. Advanced group atrophy (neurogenic atrophy), areas with increased density of nuclei.
- The less atrophic fascicles show an increased variation in caliber in cross-section but no signs of myopathy.
- Distinct perimyseal fibrosis
- The clustered conglomeration of nuclei is typical for neurogenic muscle atrophy.