Histology Course S VII 14 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich histologycourse

S VII 14 Entmarkungsherd bei Multipler Sklerose, Rückenmark   Luxol-Nissl further information (German) on HiPaKu
  demyelination due to multiple sclerosis ICD-10: G35

Elderly female patient with incidental findings of demyelinated periventricular foci at autopsy.

- In the area of the dorsal tracts of spinal cord
- Demyelination which lacking the typical blue staining of cord fibres (luxol stain)
- The areas of demyelination only show individual cord fibres.
- Changes due to inflammation are not (respectively no longer) evident..  The focus is an old, burnt-out lesion of multiple sclerosis.
- There are several corpora amylacea (an additional finding without pathognomonic relevance).