Histology Course S IX 5 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histology Course

S IX 5 renal osteopathy HE further information (German) on HiPaKu
  ICD-10: N25.0+ M90.8*

60-year-old male with chronic renal failure, on dialysis. Death due to heart failure and pneumonia. Autopsy specimen.

- Fibroosteoclasis(also refer to specimen S IX 4): lacunar osteoclastic bone resorption with accompanying fibrosis.
- Increased non-mineralising bone substance in the form of osteoid rims

Comment: the combination of fibroosteoclasis and osteoidosis are the most common forms of morphological changes seen in renal osteopathy. Less commonly seen is either a disturbance in mineralization (osteoidosis) or fibroosteoclasia (due to the secondary hyperparathyroidism).