Histology Course S IV 3 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

S IV 3 chronic bronchitis/bronchiectasis  AB-PAS further information (German) on HiPaKu
  ICD-10: J42/J47

40-year-old female with stenosing neuroendocrine tumour (carcinoma) of lower lobe bronchus. Secondary bronchiectasis in the periphery. Operative specimen.

Macroscopically: widened bronchi filled with mucus. Yellow foci in lung tissue. Poststenotic/perifocal or xanthomatous pneumonia.

- Dilated bronchi (diameter of bronchi larger than that of accompanying pulmonary artery): bronchiectasis
- Goblet cell hyperplasia
- Predominantly lymphocytic and plasma cell infiltrate in the bronchial wall
- Mucous retention in alveoli with plenty of intraalveolar macrophages (foam cells)