Histology Course S IV 13 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

S IV 13 asbestosis Fe  
  ICD-10: J61

61-year-old male, 25 worked in the asbestos industry for 25 years. Increasing striated reticular, mainly basal shadowing on chest X-ray. Progressive dyspnoea. Autopsy specimen.

- Partly destroyed lung architecture
- Varying degree of fibrosis. Less affected sections show fibrosis especially in the lobal periphery.
- Ferruginous bodies (in the given specimen these are real asbestos particles): dumbbell-like segmented bodies with coat containing iron and/or protein and central asbestos fibres.
- Pigment deposits: anthracosis and formalin pigment, little haemosiderin

Differential diagnosis: any other cause of fibrosis. The evidence of numerous Ferruginous bodies points towards asbestosis. In contrast to specimen S IV 12 this is an example of fibrosis of known aetiology.