Histology Course S IV 12 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

S IV 12 honeycomb lung Sirius  
  ICD-10: J98.4

60-year-old male with increasing dyspnoea over the past few years. Death following right heart failure. Autopsy specimen.

Macroscopically: honeycomb-like changes of the lung, with bumpy cirrhosis-like surface and increased consistency

- Loss of lung architecture
- The parenchyma is rearranged into numerous cystic cavities and wide air-filled cavities with thick septa, lined by cuboid and cylindrical cells, some ciliated.
- Collagen fibres in the septa, clusters of smooth muscle cells
- Inflammatory infiltrate, predominantly with lymphocytes and plasma cells
- Blood vessels, partly with reactive wall thickening

This is a scarred lung in its final stages and no conclusions about the aetiology can be made.