Histology Course S III 13 Departement of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

S III 13 acute destructive endocarditis HE  
  ICD-10: I33.0 B95.6

30.year-old female with type I diabetes, few week-old panaritium of the large toe. Hospitalisationdue to sepsis. Blood cultures showed staphylococcus aureus. Autopsy specimen.

- Mitral valve leaflet thickened in the border at closure site.
- Surface incompletely covered by thin film of fibrin
- Basophilic cocci within the fibrin layer. The stroma of the underlying valve is poor in cells (necrotic)
- Necrosis is recognizable by granulocytic demarcation deep within the valve
- There is no evidence of previous valve damage (neither scars nor vascularisation)
- Compare to specimen SIII12 and SIII14