Histology Course S I 7 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

S I 7 Crohn's disease of the ileum HE further information (German) on HiPaKu
  ICD-10: K50.0

43-year-old female with intermittent diarrhoea, fever and pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. The symptoms are exacerbated under physical or emotional stress. Mild anaemia. Partial resection of the ileum of approximately 30 cm.

Macroscopic view::
-Fixated, resected ileus with obvious wall thickening. Attached is a part of mesentery with fibrosis. Ulcer with irregular borders. Several fistulas.
Microscopic morphology:
- Parts of the ulcer
- The entire wall is thickened
- Lymphocytic infiltration in the wall with lymphatic follicles (transmural inflammation)
- Few individual non-caseating epithelioid granulomas in submucosa, muscularis propria and subserosa
- Clusters of fibrosis in all epithelial wall layers extending into the attached mesentery

Important: There is no dysplasia of the mucosal epithelium (in contrast to ulcerative colitis).
Note: Every section of the gastrointestinal tract can be affected (from mouth to anus). Crohn`s disease can also affect other organs such as skin, bones, muscle, lungs and liver. It can also trigger arthritis or erythema nodosum.