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RESPIRATORY TRACT                                                                                                                                Surgical Pathology
  S IV 1 chronic allergic rhinitis/sinusitis
  S IV 2 teleangiectatic polyp of the vocal cord
  S IV 3 chronic bronchitis/bronchiectasis
  S IV 4 bronchial asthma
  S IV 5 lobar pneumonia
  S IV 6 bronchopneumonia
  S IV 7 pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
  S IV 8 cytomegalovirus infection, lung
  S IV 9 infant respiratory distress syndrom
  S IV 10 adult respiratory distress syndrom (ARDS)
  S IV 11 diffuse damage of alveolar septa in organization
  S IV 12 honeycomb lung
  S IV 13 asbestosis
  S IV 14 relapsing pulmonary embolism
  S IV 15 tumor embolism
  S IV 16

plexiform pulmonary arteriopathy

  S IV 17 large cell lung cancer
  S IV 18 squamous cell carcinoma
  S IV 19 small cell lung cancer
  S IV 20 highly differentiated neuroendocrine tumor of the bronchus (typical carcinoid)
  S IV 21 biphasic pleural mesothelioma
  S IV 22 pleural carcinosis