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BONE MARROW AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEM                                                                                                     organ system
BONE MARROW acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)   A_IV_56 / S V 11
  osteosarcoma   A_IV_57
THYMUS severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) A_IV_21
SPLEEN miliary tuberculosis   A_IV_15 / S V 2
  hemosiderosis   S V 1
  hairy cell leukemia   S_V_12
LYMPH NODES normal lymph node   lymph node
  sarcoidosis   A_IV_13 / S V 3
  reticulocytic abscess-forming lymphadenitis S V 4
  burkitt's lymphoma   A_IV_24
  Hodkin's disease mixed cellularity A_IV_52 / S V 5
    nodular sclerosing S V 6
  non-Hodgkin's lymphomas follicular, centroblastic centrocytic A_IV_53 / S V 7
    centroblastic centrocytic, diffuse A_IV_54
    diffuse, small cell S V 8
    large cell S V 9
  papillary thyroid carcinoma lymph node metastastis A_IV_48
  follicular lymphoma, grade II (hard palate) O 10