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LIVER                                                                                                                                                                   organ system
LIVER florid alcoholic hepatitis with mallory bodies A_II_1 / S_II_6
  fatty liver   A_II_2 / S_II_5
  liver with phenacetin abuse   A_II_6
  cholestasis of the liver   A_II_7
  liver of carrier of HBs   A_II_10
  HBs-Ag positive chronicly active hepatitis   S_II_3
  acute viral hepatitis
  A_II_11 / S_II_2
  massive hepatic necrosis   A_II_15 / S_II_4
  liver cirrhosis alcoholic A_III_12 / S_II_7
    primary biliary S_II_8
  subacute congestion of liver   A_III_30
  glycogenosis   A_IV_61
  α1-antitrypsin deficiency, liver   A_IV_62
  extrahepatic mechanical obstructive jaundice S_II_9
  chronic cholecystitis   S_II_14
  pericentric shock-induced necrosis   S_II_1
  hemangioma in hepatic stress syndrome, with pyemic inflammation A_IV_35
  chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) with acute blast crisis A_IV_55 / S_II_13
  angiosarcoma of liver   A_IV_23
  hepatocellular carcinoma   A_IV_50 / S_II_11
  colon carcinoma, liver metastasis   A_IV_51 / S_II_12
GALLBLADDER chronic ulcerous cholecystitis   A_IV_16