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DIGESTIVE TRACT                                                                                                                                            organ system
ORAL CAVITY candidiasis of the tongue   S_I_18
  lichen ruber   S_I_19
  giant-cell granuloma   S_I_20
  squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue   S_I_21
  giant cell epulis, central (lower jaw)   O 5
  radicular cyst   O 6
  Keratocyst   O 9
  Cyst of incisive canal   O 15
  extravasation mucocele   O 16
  ameloblastoma   O 8
  follicular lymphoma, grade II (hard palate)   O 10
SALIVARY GLANDS pleomorphic adenoma   A_IV_38 / S_I_24
  sialolithiasis   S_I_22
  autoimmune sialadenitis (Sjögren's syndrome) S_I_23
  adenoid cystic carcinoma   S_I_25
  sialometaplasia (lower lip)   O 4
  cystic lymphoid hyperplasia of parotid gland   O 17
OESOPHAGUS squamous cell carcinoma   S_I_1
STOMACH corrosion of mucosa   A_II_17
  intestinal metaplasia of mucosa of the gastric antrum due to gastritis A_III_7 / S_I_2
  carcinoma in situ of the stomach (synonym: early cancer) A_IV_44
  adenocarcinoma intestinal type according to Lauren S_I_3
    diffuse type according to Lauren S_I_4
  malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphoma   S_I_5
DUODENUM florid chronic duodenal ulcer   A_IV_6
  florid chronic ulcer   S_I_6
PANCREAS chronic pancreatitis   S_I_27
    with calcification A_III_23
  acute necrosis   S_I_26
  ductal carcinoma   A_IV_46 / S_I_28
  Crohn's disease   A_IV_18 / S_I_7
  Whipple's disease   S_I_9
  endocrine tumor (carcinoid)   A_IV_43 / S_I_8
APPENDIX acute ulcero-phlegmonous appendicitis   A_IV_2 / S_I_10
ASZITES ascites due to peritoneal carcinomatosis, cytology A_IV_59
COLON mucinous adenocarcinoma of the colon   A_II_4
  tubulovillous adenoma with epithelia dysplasia A_III_10 / S_I_15
  diverticulitis of the sigmoid   S_I_11
  amoebic colitis   S_I_12
  ulcerative colitis   S_I_13
  Peutz-Jeghers polyp   S_I_14
  adenocarcinoma Dukes B   S_I_16
  cloacogenic anal carcinoma   S_I_17
  colon carcinoma, liver metastases   A_IV_51 / S_II_12