Histology Course Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histology Course
  Responsible for lectures:  Prof. Dr. med. H. Moch and Prof. Dr. med. A. Aguzzi

Project coordinated and realised by: André Wethmar, Norbert Wey, Claas Börger

  Translation: Heather Dawson, Ines Raineri, Zita Manjaly  
  Technical Troubles: andre.wethmar[at]usz.ch, norbert.wey[at]usz.ch, Tel.: +41-44-255 20 37
  For questions, suggestions and feedback: andre.wethmar[at]usz.ch, norbert.wey[at]usz.ch  

Thanks to all who supported the virtual histology course. Special thanks go to:
- the lecturers and the assistant doctors from the Institute of Surgical Pathology and Institute of Neuropathology
- PD Dr. Lloyd Vaughan and Prof. Dr. med vet. Andreas Pospischil from Institute of Veterinary Pathology, University of Zurich
- Dr. Alexander Godknecht from Informatic Services, University of Zurich

  Zurich, 01th of July, 2010