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HEART/VESSELS                                                                                                                                         Surgical Pathology
  S III 1 degenerative aortic valve
  S III 2 pyemic myocarditis
  S III 3 amyloidosis of myocard
  S III 4 fresh myocardial infarction
  S III 5 subacute myocardial infarction
  S III 6 old myocardial infarction
  S III 7 myocardial fibrosis
  S III 8 coronary artery, soft plaque
  S III 9 coronary artery, hard plaque
  S III 10 coronary artery, rupture of the plaque
  S III 12 "thrombotic" endocarditis
  S III 13 acute destructive endocarditis
  S III 14 ulceropolypous endocarditis
  S III 15 carcinomatous pericarditis
  S III 16

atrial myxoma

  S III 17 arteriosclerosis
  A III 37 arteriolosclerosis of kidney
  S III 19 panarteritis nodosa
  S III 20 giant-cell arteritis
  S III 21 medial necrosis, aorta
  S III 22 dissection of aorta
  S III 23 inflammatory aortic aneurysm