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Conventional-histological Staining Immunohistochemistry (IHC) In Situ Hybridisation (ISH)
Staining Abbreviation Displayed structures/substances
Alcianblue AB Blue: acidic glycosamineglycanes
Alcianblue-PAS AB-PAS Red: neutral glycosamineglycanes
Blue: acidic glycosamineglycanes
silver methenamine Ag-Methenamin Red: Nuclei
Black: basal lamina, reticulin fibres: microfibrils of other types of collagen, fungi
Bodian's silver staining Bodian Black: axons
Chromotrope Anilin Blue CAB Blue: connective tissue, lyososomes, Mallory-bodies
Blue-grey: cytoplasm, nuclei
Red: nucleoli, mitochondria
Red with blue border: α-1-antitrypsin
Berlin-blue Fe Blue: hemosiderin
Goldner   Brown-black: nuclei
Orange-red: cytoplasm
Bright red: erythrocytes
Red: fibrin, osteoid
Pale red: musculature
Green: connective tissue, mucus, bone
Gram   Blue: grampositive bacteria, fibrin
Red: nuclei
Grocott (silver staining)  

Black: fungi
Pink: cytoplasm, mucus

Haematoxylin and Eosin HE Blue: nucleus, bone matrix, lime, grampositive bacteria
Red: collagen, erythrocytes
Red or blue: cytoplasm
Heidenhain-Woelke   Dark-blue-black: myelin sheath
Congo red   Red (apple-green in polarized light): amyloid (b-fibrils)
Kresyl violet  

Darkblue-violet: nuclear envelope, nucleoli
Pale blue: cytoplasm of ganglion and glia cells
Blue: endoplasmatic reticulum

Luxol   Blue: myelin sheaths
Orcein   Black: elastic fibres, substances with disulfide bonds
Darkbrown: HBs Ag
Papanicolaou PAP Blue: nuclei, bacteria
Blue to bluegreen: cytoplasm
Red to yellow: cytoplasm with keratin
Brownred: mucus
Yellow: mucus in acidic environment, e.g. gastric secretion
Green: collagen
Periodic acid-Schiff stain PAS Red: neutral glycosamineglycanes, carbohydrates, glycogen
Picro-Mallory PM Red: fibrin, fibrinoid
Orange: erythrocytes
Brownred: nuclei
Green: cytoplasm
acid fuchsin-orange G SFOG Brown-black: nuclei
Grey-yellow: cytoplasm, endothelium, mesangium, tubule cells
Blue: collagen, basal lamina
Bright red: depots of proteins
Orangered: fibrin
Siriusred Sirius Red: connective tissue
Yellow: parenchyma
van Gieson-Elastin EvG

Red: connective tissue
Yellow: musculature
Black: nuclei, elastic fibres

Bielschowsky silver impregnation   A silver impregnation used to visualise neuronal processes including dendrites, axons and neurofibrils. Useful in detecting Alzheimer's disease-associated alterations such as neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques.
black: neuronal processes and neuritic tangles
brownish: amyloid plaques and vascular amyloid
Reticulin silver impregnation   black: argyrophilic fibres which are part of the basal membrane