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GENITAL ORGANS                                                                                                                                        Surgical Pathology
female genital organs S XI 1 HSIL (CIN III), proof of high-risk HPV-Viruses
  S XI 2 squamous cell carcinoma of the portio (moderatly differentiated, nonkeratinizing)
  S XI 3 Hyperplasia without atypia, corporeal endometrium
  S XI 4 chronic salpingitis
  S XI 5 leiomyoma, myometrium
  S XI 6 Endometrioid type adenocarcinoma, body of uterus
  S XI 7 Mature teratoma, ICH pancytokeratine
  S XI 8 Serous carcinoma, high-grade
  S XI 9 mucinous cystadenoma, ovary
  S XI 10 Granulosa cell tumor, adult type, ovary
  S XI 11 Chronic villitis
  S XI 12 complete hydatidiform mole
  S XI 14 tubal pregnancy
breast S XI 15


  S XI 16 fibroadenoma
  S XI 17 invasive ductal carcinoma
  S XI 18 invasive lobular carcinoma
male genital organs S XI 19 tubular testicular atrophy due to cryptorchism
  S XI 20 seminoma
  S XI 21 mixed germ cell tumor
  S XI 22 myoglandular prostatic hypertrophy
  S XI 23 choriocarcinoma