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CIRCULATORY DISTURBANCES                                                                                                                       Basic Pathology
congestion, edema, cerebral edema, hemostasis A III 30 chronic congestion of the liver
  A III 31 chronic congestion of lung with venulosclerosis
  A III 32 congestion and edema of the lung
thrombosis, embolism A III 33 cerebral infarct, stage II
  A III 34 kidney with disseminated intravascular coagulation
  A III 35 coronary artery sclerosis with superimposed thrombosis
  A III 36 venous thrombosis in organization
hypertension A III 37 hypertensive nephrosclerosis
  A III 38 subacute intracerebral hemorrhage
infarction (necrosis) A II 16 acute myocardial infarction
  A III 39 acute renal infarction
  A III 40

hemorrhagic infarction of the lung

  A III 41 haemorrhagic infarction, small intestine
  A III 42 acute cerebral infarction
  A III 43 pulmonary tuberculosis with caseating granulomas
  A III 17 rheumatoid nodule
  A II 15 cardiac cirrhosis of the liver