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BONES, JOINTS, SOFT TISSUES                                                                                                             Surgical Pathology
  S IX 1 fracture callus
  S IX 2 Paget's disease of bone
  S IX 3 osteoporosis
  S IX 4 fibroosteoclasis
  S IX 5 renal osteopathy
  S IX 6 fibrous dysplasia
  S IX 7 synovitis due to chronic polyarthritis
  S IX 8 osteoarthrosis
  S IX 9a osteosarcoma (open biopsy)
  S IX 9b osteosarcoma (resection of femur after chemotherapy)
  S IX 10 chondrosarcoma, grade I
  S IX 11 Ewing's sarcoma
  S IX 12 giant cell tumor
  S IX 13 invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, bone metastases
  S IX 15 myxofibrosarcoma
  S IX 16 myxoid liposarcoma
  S IX 17 synovial sarcoma, biphasic
  S IX 18 fibromatosis
  S IX 19 leiomyosarcoma
  S IX 20 rhabdomyosarcoma