Histology Course A IV 63 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

A IV 63 oxalate nephropathy in primary hyperoxaluria HE  
  ICD-10: E74.8
4 7/12-year-old girl succumbed to chronic renal failure (specimen from autopsy).
- A section of the kidney with cortex, medulla and surrounding fatty tissue is shown.
- The signs of end-stage kidney disease with damage to all four compartments, glomeruli, tubuli, interstitium and blood vessels are present: (1) most of the glomeruli are completely sclerotic; (2) tubuli are atrophic, some show dilatation. In the lumen of many tubules presence of acellular crystal deposits exhibiting birifringence under polarized light; (3) interstitial fibrosis and a dense lymphocytic infiltrate are observed; (4) marked intimal fibroplasia of arteries.

Of note, oxalate crystals may be seen in the tubules of patients with end-stage kidney disease of other etiology.