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A IV 32

uterine leiomyoma HE further information (German) on HiPaKu 
  ICD-10: D25.9; ICD-O: 8890/0
37-year-old female suffered from menorrhagias and metrorrhagias. On pelvic examination the uterus was increased in size and tumors were palpable. Hysterectomy was performed.
- A cross-section of the uterine wall is shown. The endometrium composed of slightly tortuous glands within a loose stroma is visible at the left side of the section.
- Two sharply circumscribed tumors are present within the myometrium. They consist of whirling bundles of smooth muscle cells, reminiscent of the histology of normal myometrium. Tumor cells are monomorphic and both, mitoses and myogenic giant cells are lacking.
- Fibroblasts and collagenous fibers are present in between tumor cells.
- Tumor growth leads to compression of the surrounding myometrium and formation of a pseudo-capsule.