Histology Course A IV 10 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histokurs

A IV 10 pneumonia with mycosal infection PAS further information (German) on HiPaKu 
  ICD-10: J17.2* B37.1† B44†
42-year-old female suffered from acute myeloid leukemia. She exhibited multiple petechiae of the skin, anemia and thrombopenia (see also slide A IV 56). (Specimen from autopsy).
- The architecture of the lung parenchyma is grossly preserved.
- Congestion of septal capillaries.
- Extensive fibrinous exudation into large groups of alveoli.
- The paucicellularity of the exudate, with presence of macrophages and some foam cells and conspicuous absence of mature neutrophilic granulocytes differs from the exudates rich in neutrophilic granulocytes observed in common lobular bronchopneumonia (compare slide 262).
- Diffuse presence of fungi; aspergillus (septate hyphae branching at acute angles) and candida (budding yeast and pseudohyphae) can be detected.
- Fibrinous pleuritis.