Histology Course A II 1 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histology Course

A II 1 Florid alcoholic hepatitis with mallory bodies CAB  
  ICD-10: K70.1 R89.7

Male, 48 y., indisposition, weight loss, elevated transaminases, minor leukocytosis. surgical excision
- distorted architecture with emerging porto-portal and porto-central septa; septa infiltrated by lymphocytes
- macrovesicular steatosis
- ballooning of hepatocytes
- Mallory-bodies: agglutinated cytokeratins due to disorganisation of the cytoskeleton
- liver cell necrosis (perivenular)
- neutrophil satellitosis
- Pericellular fibrosis in hepatic lobules and portal fibrosis
- Ductal proliferation
Preliminary phase of liver cirrhosis. Alcohol-dependent necroses are causing the alcoholic cirrhosis, not the fatty degeneration.
compare to slide: A III 12