Histology Course A III 9 Department of Pathology, University of Zurich Histology Course

  ICD-10: N87.1
41-year-old female underwent conization because dysplastic cells were detected in a cervical cytologic specimen.
- Architectural alterations spanning in part the entire squamous epithelium.
- In normal epithelim, nuclei exhibit horizontal alignement to the basement membrane. Now, vertical alignement is observed, in part up to the to epithelial layer (loss of polarity).
- Narrowing of the upper layer of non-keratinizing horizontally aligned cells.
- Epithelial cells loose cytoplasmic glycogen and appear basophilic.
- Nuclear enlargement leads to changes in the nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio.
- Nuclei are hyperchromatic and polymorphic.
- Increased mitotic figures in suprabasal layers.
- Involvement of endocervical glands.
(See also slides A III 19, A IV 41, A IV 42)

Significance: Precancerous condition, precursor lesion of squamous cell carcinoma